Monday, June 14, 2010

BREAKING: ++Canterbury Asks --Schori to Withdraw from Standing Committee?

This could be big:

The Archbishop’s Pentecost letter is the public half of a campaign to rein in the Episcopal Church, The Church of England Newspaper has learned, and follows a private letter delivered to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori asking her to consider withdrawing from active participation on the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion.

A letter from the Archbishop is believed to have been given to Bishop Jefferts Schori at the April 17 consecration of the Bishop of Connecticut, Dr Ian Douglas. Neva Rae Fox, a spokesman for the Presiding Bishop said she could not comment as she was not present at the Connecticut consecration. Dr Williams’ office would neither confirm nor deny the story, citing its policy of not commenting on the Archbishop’s private correspondence.

The public discipline already announced is significant mainly in that it is a shift in ++Rowan’s policy in dealing with The Episcopal Church. But if he has gone further and asked --Schori to consider withdrawing from the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion . . ., like I said, that would be big and hardly a token move. It might even be the beginning of the end of The Episcopal Church’s involvement in the Anglican Communion. Yes, I think this could be that important.

George Conger is a very reputable and reliable reporter. But I would nevertheless like to see confirmation before going all in on this story, hence the question mark in the title.

Hat tip to Baby Blue.

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