Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama’s Feds Stop Oil Spill Efforts . . . Again.

Shortly after the BP oil spill, I had disdain for efforts to blame Obama. I feel most efforts to blame Bush for Katrina were rubbish, and I was not about to do the same to Obama. And just as Bush did not blow up the World Trade Center, Obama did not make the Deepwater Horizon blow out.

But it is becoming clear that Obama is more of an obstacle than a solution to the oil spill clean-up. While he is busy playing golf and using the oil spill to practically shut down the Gulf of Mexico oil industry, and that based on lies and borderline forgery, his Feds keep getting in the way of actually fighting the spill.

Fish and Wildlife stopping the building of berms to protect the Louisiana coastline is only the latest episode.

At the very beginning, feds delayed burning off the oil spill. Since burning doesn’t work on oil slicks after they intermingle with water for a time, this harmed anti-spill efforts at the start.

Then the EPA stopped use of an effective type of dispersant on the spill. What? The dispersant is worse than the oil? I don’t think so.

And Obama hardly lifted a finger to provide skimmers even though many are available worldwide and though state and local officials were begging for them.

And then the Coast Guard shut down 16 Louisiana skimmers with red tape.

And how long did Obama take to meet with BP officials? 57 days?

Really this episode is the flip side of Katrina. If Bush can be faulted, it is for not being fast and pushy enough in going over the heads of incompetent state and local politicians who were getting in the way. Instead, Obama is the one getting in the way of state and local and private authorities doing the work of fighting the spill. Those officials have often found themselves trying to do what the Feds should be doing . . . and then Obama’s Feds stop them.

What part of “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” does Obama not understand?


Sibyl said...

By his actions and appointments since taking office, we can see that Obama's motives are not to clean up anything.

Quite the opposite, he has taken great pains to do everything possible defile and destroy our country spiritually, morally, economically, politically and every other way... promoting and exporting homosexuality, abortion, socialism, Mohammedism.

His handling of the Gulf oil crisis is just one more example of his mindset.

Sibyl said...

Obama just created a committee to deal with the oil crisis...but they were all environmentalists (with a political correct mindset), NOT engineers, NOT experts who know anything about oil wells and cleaning up oil - NOT ONE of them!!!

His real loyalties lie with the oil sheiks in the other Gulf who paid for his campaign and share his religion.

Obama has admitted he's muslim on one of his foreign jaunts.
He's a black muslim radical going by his past associations. He's an radical idealogue, not a lover of this country in the least...except to conquer it for his political religious system.