Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Temper Tantrums

What happens if a child is never actually disciplined but merely spoken to with weak words with no follow-up? Unless the child is virgin-born you end up with a demon only their insipid parents can tolerate. What happens if the parents finally get fed up and decide to begin actually disciplining the said child? You get a nuclear temper tantrum. The discipline is needful and must continue. The parents must not reward the tantrums by backing down. But when real discipline begins . . . wow.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been all about “conversation” and “indaba” towards The Episcopal Church. All talk with no follow through. But now, finally, he is engaging in actual church discipline. The immediate result?

You got it: Temper Tantrums.

And, yes, the discipline is nevertheless needful. And it must continue.

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