Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey kids, it’s time for a pop quiz!


Enough of that. O. K. This a one question, pass-fail quiz. Who said the following?

Given that the development in Los Angeles [the consecration of a non-celibate lesbian] meant that gracious restraint was not being exercised, I think the Archbishop did have to act. What I think he’s done is say, “Look, the consecration of Mary Glasspool is a full, well-thought out decision of the Episcopal Church. There are implications to that decision. In that action, it is clear that The Episcopal Church does not share the faith and order of the vast majority of the Anglican Communion as expressed through the Instruments of Communion time and time again. . .
O. K. Time’s up. Pass in your answer.

Let’s see. Someone put Chris Sugden. FAIL! Another put the Bishop of Durham. FAIL! Another, Bob Duncan. FAIL! In fact, I don’t think anyone got the answer.

[wailing and gnashing of teeth]

Now I admit this was a tough one. So I might be merciful on how this affects your grades. The answer is Anglican Communion Secretary General Kenneth Kearon.

[utter silence]

Yes, rather shocking, isn’t it. He has a history as an enabler of liberals. I wouldn’t believe he would say that, but he did. And you all fail. What’s that Johnny?

Yes, you’re right. If Kenneth Kearon of all people said that, then The Episcopal Church’s standing in the Anglican Communion is not good, and their days as full members of the Communion may actually be numbered even after all these years of dithering from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Very perceptive.

But please use clean language next time, thank you. I know. I was so shocked, I said some words when I first heard this, too. I’ll let it pass this time.

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