Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Schori’s Mitre

The sharp eye of Christopher Johnson has picked up a very interesting tidbit from the Presiding Heretic’s missionary trip to England. It turns out the Archbishop of Canterbury gave the usual permission for her to preach in his domain, but attached unusual conditions – that she not carry a bishop’s crosier or wear a mitre.

Perhaps, he was playing by the book in that the Church of England does not yet have women bishops. But it sure looks like playing by the book to send a signal.

--Schori complied . . . by carrying the mitre into Southwark Cathedral instead of either wearing it or leaving it at the hotel. Juvenile.

With Mr. Johnson, I am wondering if ++Rowan has finally had enough of her and her church.


Wilf said...

She could have worn the crozier on her head, and carried the mitre ...

This would be a fitting symbol of the church's episcopacy.

Anonymous said...

Both juvenile and telling!

Christopher Johnson said...

815 re-raises. They've gone public with the controversy: