Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Boycott Arizona; I Will Boycott You.

I notice that Los Angeles has joined San Francisco in boycotting Arizona. And that prompts me to take a stand myself.

I have not commented on the new Arizona law against illegal immigration, but have followed the situation for some time. In recent years, Arizona has been plagued by the predations of illegal immigration and accompanying crime. Phoenix in particular has become a kidnapping capital.

Meanwhile, the Obama regime is dropping the ball on defending our borders. NHS head Janet Napolitano stands out in that regard. Having done little to defend Arizonians when she was governor of that unfortunate state, her stated attitude as NHS head is that illegal immigration “is not a crime per se.”

Arizona has had enough of this and has toughened their laws against illegal immigration with overwhelming support. And now, because, after years of increasing crime from illegals, Arizona is doing something to defend themselves against Mexican drug gangs and the like, self-righteous Lefties are boycotting that state?

Well, I got some news. If you boycott Arizona, I will do everything feasible I can do to boycott you. If you kick a people who are trying to defend themselves from criminals, you deserve nothing less.

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