Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Open Letter to the Mayor of Austin, Texas

Dear Mayor Leffingwell,

I see that the City of Austin is boycotting Arizona because that state dares to defend itself against the numerous predations of illegal immigration.

Let it therefore be known that I am now boycotting your fair city. And this boycott is not just symbolic. Twice in the past three years, I’ve visited Austin for the state high school basketball championships. Also, I frequently drive through Austin, often stopping at one of the HEB Central Markets there.

In fact, within the next month, I will be driving through the Austin area again. Rest assured that I will not stop in Austin as before, but will drive right on through. And I will not purchase anything in Austin as long as you are boycotting Arizona.

In short, you boycott Arizona; I boycott you.

Have a nice day.


Just Me said...

I love it! I was actually shocked that a mayor from Tx would pull a stunt like that; I expect from the LA loonies, but not from Texans.

Mark said...


1. It's Austin. 'Nuff said.

2. It was the whole city council. Not sure how the mayer himself voted.


BillB said...


As a feller Texan (and darn proud of it), I was appalled but not surprised by the actions of the City of Austin.

I must make a kerrection in your Texas grammer. ...the mayer hisself...


JC Fremont said...

Just heard that Mayor Mike Coleman of Columbus, Ohio has announced a boycott of Arizona. What would His Honor think if people who disagreed with him boycotted events at the Columbus Convention Center, Columbus sports teams, events/teams at Ohio State, decided not to shop in the Columbus area,...? One local news channel website ( has lots of comments about this boycott, and most of them completely disagree with the mayor.

Daniel in Austin said...

I've lived in Austin since 1983 and my kids go to a local public high school. They often feel like the lone conservative voices on campus and several of the teachers refuse to call on them in class while they use the classroom to spew their liberal ideology. The English teachers are the worst except for one wonderful exception.

I'm not surpirzed that our City Council is boycotting AZ, but wonder when they are going to start a boycott on Mexico, who has trouble of their own on their southern border. First offense for crossing Mexico's southern border is 2 years in a Mexican prison. Second offense is 10 years. Mexico has a criminal system instead of a judicial sysem and I won't even go into the open corruption which is now engulfing the entire country and is leaking across our border.

Wake up to reality Austin, then appologize to AZ for getting it right and not waiting for the federal government to solve their problems.