Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Episcopal Church Shoots Itself in the Foot . . . Again.

The Anglican Curmudgeon has posted the best summary I’ve seen yet of the travesty to occur in two weeks – the consecration of Mary Glasspool as “bishop.”

He likens it to a drunken cowboy shooting himself in the foot. For one thing, “the new bishop will not be welcome at any of the councils of the Anglican Communion. Like the Presiding Bishop who leads her consecration, she will be able to celebrate Holy Communion in only a handful of Anglican provinces.”

On the other hand, being deposed by the Presiding Heretic has become a badge of honor. The warm reception ++Robert Duncan has received in much of the Anglican Communion illustrates that irony.

Looking at the big picture, the lovable Curmudgeon points out that TEC shot itself in the foot back when it made Gene Robinson a “bishop”:

When ECUSA consecrated V. Gene Robinson, it thought it was firing a shot that would carry the rest of the Communion with it, and that it was a big step for "social justice" and "inclusiveness." But it has proved just the opposite: divisive, rather than inclusive.

But did the Episcopal Church learn from its error? Is that a stupid question?

ECUSA has had plenty of time to see its mistake. But it is too selfish, or too bound up in its own self-centered nature, to see the effect its actions have had on others. So it will proceed to shoot itself in the foot once again -- no doubt this time with yet more colorful vestments, destined to set a new standard for Christopher Johnson's collection.

And what a collection it is!

Our Lord of Canterbury doesn’t come off well in all this either. Again, the Curmudgeon sums up the situation well:

Meanwhile, the local sheriff hides away in his home, and announces that just as soon as the bully has left, he will sponsor another round of indaba at the local saloon. Talk will go on, accomplishing nothing, but what the sheriff has not noticed is that there are fewer and fewer people at the table. The town is quietly emptying itself, as the ordinary folk have figured out that they can do better under their own devices elsewhere.

Oh, the sheriff will remain the sheriff, and will still sport his badge. But the disrespect shown to that badge by bullies like ECUSA has a way of undermining the respect that others show for it as well. A sheriff who will not stand up to bullies cannot long command the loyalty of those who look to him to uphold law and order.

And count me among those who once were well disposed to Dr. Williams who have little use for him now.

But enough of that. Even the Curmudgeon invites us to enjoy the comical and ironic consecration of Mary Glasspool show. And what a show it will be.


Christopher Johnson said...

Gotta tell you, I'm REALLY looking forward to this consecration. I have to figure that the horrible vestments will be off the charts.

Father Ferrell said...

My friend, I am sorry to say that it doesn't sound like you are enjoying your new church. It sounds like you are simply angry at the old one. Why do you feel the need to use words of sarcasm and vitriol to attack others?

Mark said...

1. I was never a member of The Episcopal Church.

2. I have no problem following the godly example of the church fathers and of scripture in smoking heretics and apostates and the enabling of them.