Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About AMiA Choosing Ministry Partner Status UPDATED

The AMiA has issued a communiqué in which it announces it will seek Ministry Partner status instead of remaining a full jurisdiction of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). The communiqué with Matt+ Kennedy’s astute comments may be found here.

Although I am saddened AMiA will not be remaining a full jurisdiction of ACNA, and although I share Fr. Kennedy’s concern this development will be spun negatively for ACNA, I think this may be a good decision for the long run.

For better or for worse, AMiA has always been something of a maverick. And that has already caused friction in ACNA. At the first Provincial Assembly, I noticed many looked askance at how quickly AMiA made a certain gentleman a bishop. Then there is the haste AMiA’s Christ Church is showing in ordaining a woman priest.

Whatever one thinks of this sort of maverick conduct, ACNA and AMiA will likely work better together with less conflict as ministry partners than wedded together. I think AMiA has made a wise decision for both them and for ACNA.

ACNA has released a statement. Further thoughts and comments may be found here.


1662 BCP said...

I think that those outside of the ac/na will look at this as a tremendous vote of non-confidence. They lose their largest constituent member and largest parish. Spin this, however they will, there will be other splits. The REC diocese of Eastern Canada has split from the U.S. REC and have rejected membership in ac/na. Does this now leave those opposed to Women's ordination in the majority, while the Primate and others support WO? I expect there to be in-fighting and jostling for power to fill the void left by AMiA's departure.

Mark said...

I have not heard about the REC diocese of Eastern Canada splitting off, and I am in the REC.

If you would link to verification of the split, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


1662 BCP said...

You might check with Bishop Michael Fedechko. But it is a fact which you won't get on the REC's U.S? Website. It happened sometime ago.

Mark said...

Yeah, reading between the lines at and , there appears to have been some sort of split.


1662 BCP said...

I spoke with a clergyman in the diocese who verified this for me. I originally heard of it from a former REC presbyter. Apparently there are some REC members in the U.S. quite interested in this as an option for them.

Jakian Thomist said...

Hi Mark,

My complements on your blog!

I am confused by the AMiA/ACNA developments. What exactly does "Ministry Partnerships" involve? Is the best description an "amicable divorce" reincarnated into a free 'n' easy partnership? Could ACNA also engage in "Ministry Partner" status with TEC? If so, this could be a genial method of re-establishing communion between Continuing and Pre-Existing Anglican bodies.

Otherwise, I'm concerned that this is further splintering which will undermine the Continuing Anglican cause.