Thursday, June 17, 2010

CONFIRMED: ++Canterbury has asked Schori to withdraw from Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion

In the midst of one of his erudite and painstaking posts, the Anglican Curmudgeon confirms “through an independent source” the report I passed on to you on Monday – the Archbishop of Canterbury has indeed asked Katherine Schori to consider withdrawing from the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion. But that is not all. She may have been also asked not to attend the next Primates Meeting.

. . . according to reports received by the Rev. George Conger (which I have confirmed through an independent source), the Presiding Bishop's Chancellor, David Booth Beers, told some ECUSA bishops gathered for the Living Our Vows training session at the Lake Logan Episcopal Center in North Carolina (held from May 24-28) that the Archbishop had conveyed to the Presiding Bishop a private request that she withdraw from her position on the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion, and not attend the next Primates' Meeting. It would thus appear that since there was a letter delivered, the request either was in the letter itself, or else the letter asked Bishop Jefferts Schori to listen to what Canon Kearon would say to her in private. (The latter option, if true, would permit spokespersons on both sides of the Atlantic to deny that any "written request to step down" had been sent.) But Chancellor Beers left no doubt: the request was made. And whichever way it was made, it also would seem, to put it mildly, that the request was not well received.

You think? For more titillating details of just how unpleasant matters have become, read the whole post.

But again, it is confirmed that Katherine Schori has been asked to withdraw from the Standing Communion of the Anglican Communion. In addition, it is reported she has been asked not to attend the next Primates Meeting.


Tregonsee said...

I would take odds at least 50-50 that she will either ignore the request, or send someone else in her place. She did something similar by carrying her mitre when +Cantuar stipulated that she could not wear one nor carry a cozier when she preached in England recently. Pride, thy name is Kate.

Christopher Johnson said...

George Conger just left the following comment at my place:

The letter exists … the CEN article cited by the Anglican Curmudgeon cites the press secretary for the ACC, who confirmed a letter from Dr. Williams to Bishop Jefferts Schori was hand delivered by the ACC Sec Gen on April 17 at the consecration of Bishop Ian Douglas in Connecticut.

RobBnTX said...

I'm sorry but I am not going to get too excited until I see Schori asked to consider TEC leaving the Anglican Communion.

However +Cantuar has gone further then I thought he would, so there is always hope.