Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am shocked.

I guess nothing should shock me after Massachusetts froze over and handily elected a Republican Senator. But, still, I am shocked by an NPR poll that has Republicans ahead by 5 points on a hypothetical generic congressional ballot. And the news is really worse than that for Democrats:

. . . that edge is more pronounced among people whose interest in the midterms is high.

“So while it’s a 5-point lead overall, among the most interested voters, that lead doubles,” Bolger says. “And we saw that take effect in Virginia; we saw it took effect in [the] New Jersey gubernatorial race; and we saw it take effect in the Massachusetts Senate race as well.”

This is like Pravda saying the Communists are going down.

Folks, unless there is some serious “change” between now and November, this year’s congressional elections could be a historic bloodbath. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

My fear is if the numbers look bad enough for the Democrat Party and Obama Administration, that there will be a "national disaster" requring the imposition of martial law and the postponement of the elections for an uspecified amount of time. However, the Nations reaction may not be what is expected (sheepishly submitting).


Mark said...

I doubt that will happen, Bill. But I do expect Obama will let more and more of his totalitarian streak slip.