Friday, January 15, 2010

Democrats Expecting to Lose Massachusetts Seat?

Hard to believe, but things are not looking good for Democrat Martha Coakley in the special election Tuesday for the Senate seat long held by Ted Kennedy. One report says her own polls have her behind and falling. And Democrat expectations are falling with the numbers:

Here in Massachusetts, as well as in Washington, a growing sense of gloom is setting in among Democrats about the fortunes of Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley. "I have heard that in the last two days the bottom has fallen out of her poll numbers," says one well-connected Democratic strategist. In her own polling, Coakley is said to be around five points behind Republican Scott Brown. "If she's not six or eight ahead going into the election, all the intensity is on the other side in terms of turnout," the Democrat says. "So right now, she is destined to lose."

Given (and this will be a likely Democrat excuse if she loses), Coakley is a poor, even nasty candidate. And now there are rumblings (which I cannot yet verify) that she has been easy on some horrific child abuse.

But, heck, we are talking about a state where some really sorry, nasty people have been elected and reelected because of the “D” after their names. It is Massachusetts, people. It’s not for nothing that Coakley is using “Republican” like a dirty word in her advertising.

So I reiterate, this is a potential political earthquake. I will be watching returns on Tuesday night with great interest.

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