Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Election to Watch . . . in Massachusetts?!

Yes, the special election this Tuesday for the senate seat formally held by Ted Kennedy is actually competitive. Not only that, Republican Scott Brown raised well over $1 million in a day on Monday with the average contribution being $77.89. And the poll numbers are shifting in his direction with him now within single digits.

Redstate has gone so far as to predict doom for the Democrats. I am not so sure. But when one considers that Republicans are more motivated to vote at this time and usually tend to turn out in special elections more than the ignorant Democrats . . . well, it’s no wonder Democrats are a bit nervous.

I need not tell you what a political earthquake it would be for Massachusetts to elect a Republican senator.

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Just Me said...

Should Brown win, the real earthquake will be how Congress responds. If they choose to do the right thing and swear him in, the health care bill is dead. Should they follow through on their intentions to delay Brown's swearing in... well let's just say the Boston Tea Party could very well no longer be an event in the history books. How glorious is our God to have this critical American event take place in MA?