Tuesday, January 05, 2010

About the Manhattan Declaration and Rome

After I signed the Manhattan Declaration, I heard concerns that it is a tacit endorsement of the Roman Catholic view of justification and of the gospel. I greatly respect many of those who have that concern, which include a close friend.

My answer to that concern is simple. The Declaration does not at all demand that it be read as such an endorsement. Instead it acknowledges “ecclesial differences.” Further, the Manhattan Declaration is not at all intended to address justification and other doctrinal controversies. As I’ve posted, it is instead a document that states a manly resolve to resist and refuse to submit to attacks on religious freedom, particularly in the areas of life and marriage.

Therefore, I continue to heartily endorse the Manhattan Declaration.

Kevin DeYoung has also addressed this issue as has Al Mohler. And, if I may say so, neither are exactly Trojan horses for the Bishop of Rome.

Hat tip to Stand Firm.

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