Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The (Demo)rats are fleeing the ship.

Overnight came news that Democrat Senators Dorgan and Dodd are retiring. These two have voted to push America into the pit of Socialism, but don’t want to be held accountable by the voters. Weasels.

Or perhaps (Demo)rats is a more appropriate metaphor. Instead of facing voter anger, Democrats are retiring. The Demorats are fleeing the ship.

I’m glad to see Dorgan go. His seat will now likely go Republican.

But I am not so happy about Dodd. Connecticut is stupid enough to elect another Demorat in his place. But more than that, I wanted Dodd to be crushed in the 2010 elections. This Leftist sided again and again with Communists when they were marching in Central America during the Cold War. He is a baby-killer, supporting even partial-birth abortion. He played a major role in pushing the policies that led to the recent financial crash. And he is a corrupt sleaze to boot.

In short, retirement is too good for that scumbag.

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