Friday, January 15, 2010

Martha Coakley v. the Amiraults

Probably the most prominent and painstaking reporter on prosecutorial misconduct in cases where people have been falsely accused of child abuse is Dorothy Rabinowitz. A case she has followed closely is the prosecution, really persecution, of the Amiraults.

Ms. Rabinowitz is now putting the spotlight on someone involved in pushing the injustice against that family. Guess who it is. Martha Coakley.

It seems what we have here is a prosecutor who is easy on the guilty but goes after the innocent.

I could say more, but I do not trust myself when I am really angry. And I want to keep this blog printable. I will ask that if any reader lives in Massachusetts, please, please vote against this evil woman and get your friends to do likewise.

MORE: Even some at the Daily Kos can not stomach Coakley’s prosecutorial abuses.

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