Monday, January 04, 2010

Global Warming Climate Change Breaking Out All Over the Place

Think you are cold? You are not alone.

Global Warming, er, I mean, Climate Change activists have some more explaining to do as bitter cold hits . . . well, the world, from China to America to the UK and Europe.

Even here on the South Texas coast, we have three nights of near freezing weather in the forecast. I haven’t had a hard freeze in years. Now there will be three shots at one in a week. (Hope it doesn’t kill my landscaping.) Inland a few miles, it will almost surely freeze and hard.

Good thing I’ve gathered a lot of firewood.

Oh – nearly forgot – the wind as the cold first hits is predicted to gust to 48 MPH.

We tend to be slightly breezy around here, but still. . . .


Just Me said...

no kidding; I live in Central Florida... CENTRAL FLORIDA and we've yet to reach 50 degrees in 48 hours. Lows all week expected in the upper 20s with highs hanging in the 40s - 50s the rest of the week.

Where's my aerosol cans!!! :p

Miss Sippi said...

Lows in the teens all week here in South Mississippi. Friday night supposed to be eleven degrees. I heard it was snowing in Jackson right now (Monday afternoon.)

Anonymous said...

In minnesota we have been in the lower 20's t0 30's for lows the last 5 days. That is below zero!

Krisna said...

I wonder if this situation become like "The day after tommorow movies"