Monday, October 26, 2009

Don’t Ask Democrat Pols About the Constitution . . .

. . . unless you want to see them reveal themselves as arrogant and power-hungry.

Yes, that may be slightly harsh. But it seems that lately they take great and pretentious offense or evade the question or both when one ventures to ask whether their policies, particularly on healthcare, are allowed by the Constitution.

Cases in point:

Nancy Pelosi.

Rob Andrews.

Patrick Leahy.

Maybe that is because Democrats don’t give a . . . have any regard for the Constitution. Leahy in particular has proven that in spades by the bozos he has supported (and the good nominees he has opposed) for the federal judiciary.

And to ask them as they try to exercise naked power whether they are wearing any constitutional clothes . . . . Well, one shouldn’t ask such things.

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