Monday, October 26, 2009

Hoffman Leading in NY-23 Special Election?!?

With the big caveat that this is one poll for a conservative group, a Club for Growth poll shows Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman is leading in the three-way special election for the NY-23 congressional seat.

Should Hoffman actually win, it would be a political earthquake that would show the power of anger at Obama and at me-too Republicans. It would most certainly teach the Republican Party a much needed lesson.

This is a result to watch on November 3rd.


robroy said...

I saw this too after reading an article about Sarah Palin's big "blunder" to endorse Hoffman. (A liberal blogger stated that Palin was making a mistake. I am sure that Palin knows what to do with advice from liberal bloggers.)

Just Me said...

If Hoffman wins the election, the grassroots movement is going to receive its largest surge of empowerment to date.

The Nov 3rd election could very well be a very good for real Americans.