Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kendall Harmon (and moi) on Vatican Anglican Announcement

In short, Kendall Harmon nails it.

If the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop of Canterbury want to find someone to blame for the Vatican’s announcement of provisions for Anglo-Catholics, they need only look in the mirror.

I will give one break to Dr. Rowan Williams, however. He advocated for adequately providing for orthodox Anglo-Catholics as the CofE moves toward women bishops. But, sadly, those who don’t give a damn about traditionalists prevailed.

What amazes me is that those who have worked the hardest to push Anglo-Catholics out, such as Christina Rees, now fault the Vatican for welcoming them:

Christina Rees, of the pro-women group Watch, described the Vatican’s move as poaching. She said: “It is one thing to offer a welcome, but this seems to be a particularly effusive welcome where people are almost being encouraged. In the Anglican Church we like to operate with transparency. If this has not been done here that will add to the sense of this being a predatory move.”

Wolves complaining about all the predators around here. . . . I’ve got nothing to say.


Amy said...

That is a bold move but beware of the Catholic Church. I used to be Catholic but then I stopped practicing after I found out some disturbing truth. Some say the papacy is the antichrist. They changed the ten commandments which is the Law of God, the Pope claims to be a god, they have killed innocent people for centuries like the Spanish Inquisition and supporting the Nazis, and the priests have molested a lot of children. That is not Christian, that is evil hiding behind religion. Why do they have so many followers?!! People really need to open their eyes. I know I did!!!

Random Catholic said...

Yes, beware of us, Mark. Even now, we are tunneling under your house. But we are running behind schedule with our Mind-Melding Shape-Shifting Machine so it will take a little longer to take full control of the world than we had anticipated. Of course, I never said any of this and will deny all to Lord God the Pope should you run to him and tattle. As if He didn't know.

Mark said...

I knew it! I just knew it!