Wednesday, October 14, 2009

“Anglican” “Mother Earth” Drivel

Whom God destroys He first makes silly. A good illustration of this immutable truth may be found in the Diocese of New Aquarius Westminster:

What might Creation, the Spirit of Gaia, our Living Dew-Hearted Mother Earth spinning in the Infinite Cosmic Mystery, be asking of the church today?

Don’t laugh too hard. Even the Anglican Communion office is buying into this sort of neo-pagan drivel:

Our faith and our ancestors have always taught us that the earth is our mother and deserves respect . . .

Our faith? Funny, but I haven’t found “the earth is our mother” in the creeds or the catechisms or the Bible. Or is the faith in question actually Christian?

. . . we know that this respect has not been given.

Really? With all the greenie stuff about, I think more than a little respect is given to environmental causes. As it should be to at least some extent. I’m a conservationist and put my money where my mouth is in that regard.

But I’m not a neo-pagan. I’m an orthodox Anglican Christian, thank you. So if “our faith” worships “Mother Earth”, leave me out of it.

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David said...

Another level of my personal annoyance at this drivel is that it not only diminishes proper discussion of environmental issues, but feeds into this sense of eco-fascist ‘We will be forced to return to a (non-existent) Stone Age idyll’ that is running amok. Also, as an Anglican, I have enough images of the environment in the Bible (there is no more perfect metaphor for the global eco-system than The Garden) without having to borrow from some badly made-up pseudo-Pagan nonsense.