Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How About Zero Tolerance for Administrative Idiots? UPDATED

Do you think a 6 year old should be sent to reform school for 45 days for bringing his cub scout camping utensil to school? The Christina School District in Delaware does. Yes, it’s their “zero tolerance” policy as in zero common sense.

And it’s not the first time that the Christina School District has engaged in such abusive idiocy:

“Something has to change,” said Dodi Herbert, whose 13-year old son, Kyle, was suspended in May and ordered to attend the Christina district’s reform school for 45 days after another student dropped a pocket knife in his lap. School officials declined to comment on the case for reasons of privacy.

Ms. Herbert, who said her son was a straight-A student, has since been home-schooling him instead of sending him to the reform school.

The Christina school district attracted similar controversy in 2007 when it expelled a seventh-grade girl who had used a utility knife to cut windows out of a paper house for a class project.

Any school district that abdicates their responsibility like that with idiotic “zero tolerance” deserves hell from parents and taxpayers. God help any school that ever abuses a child of mine that way.

As a former bullied kid, I do think school districts should be tough in protecting students from bullies and worse. But “zero tolerance” and no common sense just turns the schools themselves into mindless bullies.

UPDATE: That DANGEROUS 6-year-old has been paroled.

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