Monday, October 12, 2009

SHOCKING!: BBC Notices Debate Over Global Warming!

The BBC is actually noticing that there is legitimate debate over global warming and that, lately at least, the world is not getting warmer. Shocking!

To understand my (faux) shock, it would help to live in the UK for a time. Back in 2007, when I studied there, it was hard not to notice that global warming was a secular religion held by just about all British. And the news media treated global warming as established fact with admittedly interesting graphs, maps, inserts, and the like.

Sometimes, it wasn’t just a secular religion. Dr. Jane Shaw, Chaplain of New College, gave an eloquent sermon at Christ Church on global warming . . . on the most miserably cold day of my time in Oxford. I good-naturedly ribbed her about the weather that evening at New College.

So I do find it quite remarkable to see the BBC recognizing that the issue of global warming is not so clear cut after all. Heresy!

MORE: Meanwhile, Drudge has a number of headlines this morning about how COLD things are, including this story about an early Fall record cold snap in Montana.

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