Monday, April 20, 2009

Colin Slee Proves He’s an Arse Fosters Christian Unity

The Very Rev. Colin Slee, Dean of Southwark issued the cathedral’s annual report on Easter. It included the following gems of his wisdom about peace and unity:

On the Bishop of Rochester, Dr. Nazir-Ali:
The Bishop of Rochester has just announced his resignation, whatever he may say, it is clearly a move towards a sectarian alternative church intentionally designed to create turbulence in the Anglican Communion.

What a nice send-off.

On those who boycotted Lambeth:
One reason why peace broke out at the Lambeth Conference was that the Puritan fringe stayed away, they boycotted the Conference – and they included the Bishop of Rochester, Lewes and Willesden in the UK. It is my view that any bishop who engaged in the boycott has placed himself outside full communion and his status as a bishop of the Anglian Church must be open to some debate.

Well, I see the Very Rev. Slee is very concerned about unity. He certainly is, umm, contributing to it and is grieved so many didn’t make it to Lambeth.

Oh, and GAFCON, you’re bullies. Just so you know, in Christian unity and love, of course.

In this interesting and ongoing discussion, a Church of England bishop, probably a part of the Puritan fringe, responds:

What, in Slee's words is "open to debate" is probably:

1. Does he know what Puritanism is, and why the three people he names are Anglicans, not Puritans?

2. Has he invented a new version of donatism? "If you don't attend a voluntary event that is by invitation, to which you can reply "yes" or "no", you are thereby held to be a schismatic"?

3. Has he any clue about what actually constitutes Anglicanism? Are we all to be in touchy feely liberal communion with the politburo of Southwark before we can be deemed to be acceptable?

Hooray for inclusivity - it's a pity that its loudest proponents don't have a clue what it is.


Cranmer also has some fun with this.

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