Friday, April 17, 2009

Video of Baptist Pastor Beaten by Border Patrol

This video of a Baptist pastor telling of being beaten by Border Patrol has gone viral already.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story. But this should be investigated and investigated darn well.

MORE: From another video of the pastor, it is clear that he goes through checkpoints with a massive chip on his shoulder. But again, I’m not going to jump to conclusions.


RECCHIP said...

This guy is very lucky that he is not DEAD!!! When an officer tells you to get out of the car, GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!

The Customs and Border Patrol have the right and responsibility of protecting our borders. People often complain that they are too lax. Here is an occasion where they are doing their job, trying to prevent drug smuggling and human trafficking and this loon cops an attitude and refuses to answer their questions and search his car. If all he had was "tools" what was he hiding.

As a Pastor (albeit probably not a graduate of any academic seminary) he should know the words of Our Lord.

Render Unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and Unto the Lord the Things which are the Lord's.

No doubt this clown will now say that he is being "Persecuted." Things like this make me very angry because there are Christians out there who are REALLY being beaten for their faith.

KJC402 said...

Yeah, I have seen this many times before and Mark is right, wait to hear the other side before making any conclusions.

James Manley said...

I've been aware of this guy for some time; he seems to make a career out of making outrageous youtubes staged in his church. I'd take anything he says with a humungous grain of salt.

I'm not saying he is a liar. If indeed this happened as he says then it should of course be investigated. Given his past record, though, I'll wait for the investigation before making a decision myself.

Anonymous said...

You say that the customs and border patrol have the right and responsibility of protecting our border, but this did not take place at a border crossing. This pastor was not crossing the border, he was driving on American roads, and was stopped. They have no right to stop and search cars at random!