Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Report UPDATED

The Corpus Christi Tea Party yesterday was fun. It was well organized and well attended. And, yes, us dangerous rightwingers behaved ourselves.

Locally, the Caller-Times and Channel 10 gave it good coverage. But Channel 6 ignored it, at least on their 5pm broadcast. Typical of that tabloid TV news outlet.

The organizers did something smart – they had people sign in so they could get an accurate count. If I find out what the count was, I’ll post it here. Police estimated it between 500-1000. This isn’t a very political area, so that is impressive.

Numerous reports from tea parties around the nation may be found here.


UPDATE: A conservative (and not in the political sense) and painstaking estimate has nationwide tea party attendance at over 250,000. And judging from his estimate for Corpus Christi of 500, this is likely an undercount.

UPDATE2: And the source, Nate Silver, has now acknowledged as much. His count is now well over 300,000.

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