Monday, April 20, 2009

Norm Coleman Should Fight Franken Election Theft

I’m a bit busy this morning. But I do want to chime in and agree with the WSJ editorial stating that Norm Coleman is right to fight Al Franken’s so far successful efforts to steal the Minnesota U. S. Senate election.

The vote count has been a complete mess with decision after decision favoring likely Franken votes over likely Coleman votes. Some have noted that Coleman’s lawyers just got out-lawyered by Franken’s. (Not that I recommend stooping to the level of Democrat election-stealing lawyers.) But that is beside the point. It is clear that in this election, Franken votes are “more equal” than Coleman votes. And as the Supreme Court has rightly ruled in Bush v. Gore, that is unconstitutional.

It is difficult to see how the counting mess can be undone. So I think the best outcome is a run-off election between Coleman and Franken. But I expect this will go down as yet another U. S. Senate seat stolen by the Democrats.

But Coleman is right to fight that.

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