Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama’s Increasing Catholic Problem

A majority of Roman Catholics foolishly voted for Obama. But now Obama may be already foolishly alienating them.

My readers are well aware of the controversy over Notre Dame inviting him to give the commencement speech there. One can hardly blame Obama for accepting the invitation. Nor do I think it quite the disaster for Obama that Damian Thompson thinks. But there is no question that the episode is putting Obama’s extremist support of abortion in the spotlight.

What hasn’t been given as much attention is his persistence in wanting to appoint a pro-abortion Ambassador to the Vatican, creating an impasse between him and the Pope.

Leaving aside the morals of this matter, this is disrespectful to the Pope and just flat stupid politics on the part of Obama. Is Obama so pro-abortion that he can not show the Pope some respect by appointing a pro-life Ambassador to the Vatican? I haven’t noticed much pushback from Roman Catholics yet and for that Obama should be thankful. But he would be wise to back down . . . now.

Perhaps most polarizing of all is The White House having Christian symbols covered up for Obama’s economic speech at Georgetown. Shame on Obama and shame on Georgetown for kowtowing to the White House’s request.

In a way, I do hope Obama continues in his clueless and/or anti-Catholic ways. Maybe then many of those Catholics who voted for him will go to confession as they should.

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