Tuesday, April 07, 2009

First Thoughts on the ACNA Constitution

As promised, I gave the proposed constitution for the Anglican Church in North America a good looking over.

I am impressed! As far as I can see, it says everything that needs to be said. In fact, I was thinking while I was reading it, “You know, they need to spell out the procedure for expulsion for that will be necessary someday. Look how vagueness in that regard has contributed to the mess in the Anglican Communion.”

Then, sure enough, towards the end, there was procedure clearly spelled out.

While the Constitution says what needs to be said, it does not say what should not be said. Namely, it allows plenty of wiggle room for all sorts of orthodox Anglicans, from incense-addled Anglo-Catholics to allergic-to-incense evangelicals, such as in the areas of church councils, sacraments, and the 39 Articles. That’s important. I want all of these faithful orthodox to be appreciated and comfortable members of the ANCA.

I haven’t read the canons yet. But I give a big thumbs up to the proposed constitution.

Again, the documents in question may be found here.

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Tregonsee said...

>>incense-addled Anglo-Catholics

Hey! I resemble that remark!

And yes, a great constitution. As time and growing pains set in, they will need to do some tweaking, but the foundation is solid.