Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It’s Tea Party Day!

Today, in over 300 locations, thousands of Americans (including this one) will gather to protest the looting of productive Americans by an oppressive and arrogant Washington D. C. and its enablers. Good summaries of the Tea Party movement may be found here and here.

A word of warning to those attending the tea parties -- there are active efforts to discredit them. Please be careful not to inadvertently feed those efforts. We are right to be angry, but keep your anger well within wisdom. (Yes, I do need to remind myself of that.)

By the way, those who think tea party protesters are in the tank for the Republican Party need to think again. I personally know that many of them are every bit as upset at Republicans for failing them as they are at Democrats for looting them. Both parties had better listen and listen good today.

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