Monday, June 30, 2008

Tomorrow Night, London

If I were anywhere in England, I would soooo be at this post-GAFCON meeting. ++Venables, Packer+, ++Orombi? Wow!

Meanwhile, BabyBlue has a helpful post-GAFCON timeline up. Guess which event I will be participating in.


REC CHIP said...

Um, let's see. Which could it be???

Maybe you are going to Victoria??

Mark said...

d. v., Chip :)

REC CHIP said...


I wish I could go but our diocese (Missionary Diocese of the Central States) is having our Synod in Late September and I could just not justify going to Victoria so soon. We only have one delegate and one alternate so I felt that, since I have to go to Diocese (I am a trustee) that somebody else should go to Canada. (Plus, the lady offered to pay her own way to Victoria-GRIN).

I hope that things will have "settled" by then so there will be clarity.