Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Evil in Zimbabwe and South Africa

Robert Mugabe has now pretty much said he’s not going to give up power if he loses the vote . . . again.

Please continue to pray for Zimbabwe as I am. The reason I haven’t been posting much on the situation there is frankly it is so distressing I hardly know what to say. Mugabe is evil incarnate and is at war against his people. He’s using food, torture, murder etc. etc. as weapons to hold power. I can only imagine the fear and hopelessness people of good will in Zimbabwe must suffer, not to mention hunger and worse.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t heard that apology from the World Council of Churches for backing that thug.

Nor is there any action from the African National Congress government in South Africa. They wore the mantle of righteousness (in spite of their own atrocities) and got the world to intervene on their behalf against apartheid. But now that something ten times worse than apartheid is on their doorstep, they do . . . nothing.

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