Thursday, June 26, 2008

GAFCON: Just Another Meeting?

That’s the question Matt+ Kennedy is asking today.

I completely agree that if it turns out to be just another meeting, it would be a great failure:

If this meeting turns out to be another meeting wherein we are told to wait and that no structural differentiation whatsoever is made; if we leave Jerusalem with a nagging statement to the effect that the Archbishop must “Do something” and that in the meantime we will “obey scripture” and “plant churches”; if we leave here having taught the ABC that we will never do anything more than meet and whine and make “important statements” then GAFCON will have been a dramatic failure. The Archbishop and his successors will know precisely how to deal with us. We will have shown that when pushed to the brink we will blink; that we do not have the will to act decisively; that GAFCON is a paper tiger, noisy but harmless.

Again, Matt+ is there at GAFCON. And he concedes, “there is some danger of that happening.”

And that is a matter for concern and prayer.

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