Monday, June 02, 2008

NOW Obama quits his church.

Let’s see, years and years of nutty leftist Hate America, Hate Whitey preaching wasn’t enough to tell Obama that maybe, just maybe, he ought to change churches. (And, remember, Trinity Church of Christ was not his childhood church. It was a church he chose to join as an adult.)

But now, he decides it’s time to leave. I wonder why? Could it be SATAN political ambition?:

Barack Obama’s resignation from Trinity United Church of Christ over, in part, “a cultural and a stylistic gap” raises additional doubts about him. The obvious question is what “cultural and stylistic gap” exists now that hasn’t existed during the last two decades, when Obama was a member of Trinity United and an intimate friend with its pastor, Jeremiah Wright Jr.?

Good question.

The answer, of course, is none. Trinity United and Jeremiah Wright are what they have always been; it is Obama — or more precisely, Obama’s political interests — that have changed.

I can’t imagine joining a hate church of any sort. And I can’t imagine leaving my church for political gain.

This whole episode says volumes about Barack Obama.


With apologies to The Church Lady.

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