Friday, June 27, 2008

Encouraging Words from GAFCON

In addition to Archbishop Nzimbi’s statement overnight, there are additional encouraging words from GAFCON. Matt+ Kennedy, a participant who, as noted here, was very concerned earlier in the week, reports this morning, “No one here, whether communion conservative or federal, wants the week to end with an innocuous communiqué and, I think, there is a very good chance that that danger has been averted.”

David Ould is not there, but is “hearing whispers from GAFCON that the final communiqué is going to be tougher than first envisioned. In particular . . . there's a groundswell of opinion amongst the delegates that a firmer line needs to be taken and communicated if the conference is to make a lasting difference.”

Keep praying.


Chazaq said...

Take a look at this photo. Is that Leonard Riches?

Mark said...

I don't see him in the photo, no.