Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Shiny Happy Gulag in Action (And it can happen here.)

Yesterday I mentioned the show trials up in Canada. Here and here is an example of the Shiny Happy Gulag in action. As punishment for a 2002 letter to the editor opposing gay rights agendas, Stephen Boission was ordered by the Alberta Human Rights Commission pretty much to be silent for life about gays, to pay thousands of loonies of fines, and to apologize. Thankfully, he refuses to apologize and won’t pay the fines unless necessary for appeal. I hope more people tell Canada’s Human Rights Commissions what to do with themselves.

Don’t think this kind of suppression of free speech can’t happen in America. Those liberals who perpetually push for us to become as screwed up as the rest of the world would love to gag us mean hateful homophobic bigoted right-wingers conservatives.

Over my dead body.

There’s a reason I own guns and know how to use them.


More comments over at titusonenine.

And thanks to Billy Ockham for the flag.

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