Monday, June 30, 2008

Post-GAFCON Analysis

I’ve been eagerly reading analysis of GAFCON. So far, the best pieces I’ve come across are from:

Matt+ Kennedy

Fr. Kennedy notes that the See of Canterbury and heretical bishops have just been marginalized and face further marginalization.

Hills of the North

This is perhaps the best analysis I’ve read so far. He, too, notes well the marginalization of Rowan Williams and of Lambeth:

The Lambeth indaba groups now look even sillier than they did before. The whole Communion is unraveling, and the Archbishop and his American minders and financiers want Lambeth to be nothing more than 60s-style rap sessions. The format that he believed would keep the Communion together now seems poised to underscore his flaccid and ineffectual leadership at the very moment decisive action seems most important. And Lambeth as currently structured will against the GAFCON backdrop not merely appear as a waste of time--it will now be viewed as protecting the North Americans, something the Archbishop simply cannot afford at this point.

It looks increasingly like the best option for Rowan Williams now is simply to resign. He has been tried and found wanting . . .

Christopher Johnson

Mr. Johnson gives a kick in the pants to orthodox North American Anglicans. I particularly agree with his advice to “try the REC.” :)

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texanglican said...

Bishop Iker has endorsed the GAFCON

I know some commenters on Stand Firm had worried that the 39 Articles references may have
turned him off from GAFCON. It is good to see that is not so!