Thursday, May 01, 2008

Venables Derangement Syndrome

Has BDS mutated yet again? From the reaction to ++Gregory Venables doing some visiting and speaking, it seems it has. Already, three Primates of the Anglican Communion have come down with VDS. The Primate and bishops of Brazil and the Primate of Canada have made utter fools of themselves at the mere appearance of ++Venables. And now the Presiding Heretic of the Episcopal Church has as well.

--Schori foolishly wrote ++Venables objecting to his visit to the Diocese of Ft. Worth. But, as Ft. Worth bishop Jack Iker minced no words pointing out, ++Venables was invited and --Schori has “no say in the matter.” +Iker put the Presiding Heretic in her place as only he can.

But I’m sure that won’t keep Liberals from making fools of themselves again at the very appearance of ++Greg Venables. He apparently has joined President Bush and Pope Benedict as capable of triggering bizarre behavior in our friends of the Left.

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