Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brian McLaren: Another Reason Not to Go to Lambeth

It’s been confirmed that Brian McLaren will be speaking to the Lambeth Conference.

I think it’s a very sad commentary on the Archbishop of Canterbury that, with all the great minds Anglicanism still possesses, he invites McLaren to speak. McLaren’s co-called “generous orthodoxy” is no genuine orthodoxy but is just another flavor of wimping out on the faith along with much of the rest of the haze that comes from the “emergent church movement”. And the only thing really new or “emergent” about it is the packaging, if even that. Such has always been around and always will be around until Jesus comes back and cleans house. (And I speak as someone who used to be sympathetic to emergent stuff until I came to know better.)

And about the headline, I do fully respect the decisions of +Venables, +Iker, and other strong orthodox bishops to go to Lambeth to make a stand for the faith. I hope one way they will take a stand is to stand up and walk out when McLaren starts emitting his fog.

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