Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gulag UK: Labour’s Baby-Killing Operation

Gulag UK just wouldn’t be a real gulag without mass murder and ghoulish medical experimentation. But New Labour just took care of that.

Oh, you thought Glorious Leader Gordon Brown graciously permitted a free vote on these progressive measures? Then why did Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Brown and her Feminazi shock troops conduct a full scale and intimidating whipping operation?

Technically, once the MPs turned up, they could vote either way. In reality, sources say, they were greeted by Ms Harman’s group, who pressured them to vote against the move, proposed by Tory MP Nadine Dorries.
According to one account, women Labour MPs formed a ‘human corridor’ to channel their colleagues into the ‘No’ lobby. One Labour MP claimed to have heard one of Ms Harman’s team shout: ‘Vote against us and the sisterhood will never let you forget it.’

Some free vote.

Now granted, I don’t find the opportunity to tell Feminazis, or Glorious Gordon for that matter, to go to hell very intimidating. But these are obvious threats, and we are talking Labour politicians. Cranmer comments further on this travesty here.

Let’s see . . . mass killing of “undesirables,” particularly “life not worthy to be lived.” Check.

Fun medical experimentation. Check.

Shock troop supported dictatorship cloaked by faux democracy. Check.

Hmmm, that’s strange. I thought we defeated Hitler.

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