Friday, May 23, 2008

Using My Reader’s License

As I let slip the other day, I used my Reader’s License and led Evening Prayer at my parish Wednesday. Actually, I’ve led it the past three Wednesdays. The first two were in part to give me practice with my rectors either amidst the congregation or up there with me so that I (and they) would be confident when I did it this week without them present. (They went to a clergy convocation in Dallas.)

I’ve led pretty well with only a little nervousness the first time. I don’t think I committed any significant abominations. And this past Wednesday went particularly smooth even though my mike wasn’t working. The congregation was generous with praise for my efforts afterwards. A couple of them said that now I have to become a deacon although I think that a bit of a stretch.

And, yes, I enjoy leading Evening Prayer. That should be no surprise given how much I love the liturgy.

For those interested in such things, details:
The Order for Daily Evening Prayer was from the Reformed Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, very similar to the 1928 BCP. I was vested in white over a black cassock, like an acolyte, but without any priestly vestments, of course. I prayed from the North end of the table as Cranmer intended. The sung parts: the opening and closing hymn, various Gloria Patris, the canticles (I chose the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittis.) Everything else was said. No chanting, although I might want to do that someday. And instead of the Absolution after the General Confession, I prayed the Collect for the 21st Sunday after Trinity.


texanglican said...

I am impressed, Newbie, that a Wednesday evening prayer draws a significant congregation in your parish. At our cathedral we have a challenge topping 10 for a weekday EUCHARIST, and that is at a parish with an ASA of 410! Sounds like you have a great parish there.
(PS--Newbie, I assume you are keeping your spiritual ears open just in case the Lord is calling you to the permanent diaconate. Sometimes the Spirit can take us by surprise. I was a former lawyer working on a PhD in early Church history when He grabbed me by the scruf of the neck and changed my plans!)

Dr. Mabuse said...

Man, living in a bossy-boots nanny state does weird things to your mind! When I read the words "reader's license" in the title, I had an instant vision of myself sitting on a park bench, reading my favourite book of ghost stories, and a huffy inspector coming along, demanding to see my reader's license.

REC CHIP said...


Congratulations!!! Isn't reading fun!! After I "soloed" the first time (Morning Prayer) they told me, "You should go to seminary", I thanked them and had a cup of coffee. (I await the Holy Spirit's leading!)

I am so glad that you did the Magnificat and Nunc D. We always do (well 90% of the time) those two at evening prayer. There are some REC Parishes where one would NEVER hear the Magnificat, sad.

Good Job!! (And talk to Bishop Grote and or Sutton about the permanant Diaconate. We have a gentleman doing that and he has just started wearing his "postulants collar"-i.e. with the black stripe)

Chip in Virginia