Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In Schori’s Face.

Now, five dioceses have issued statements protesting PB Schori’s violation of the canons in her lust to get Bishops Cox and Schofield deposed. The statement from the Diocese of Northern Indiana is particularly remarkable:

We, the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Northern Indiana strongly protest the failure of the Presiding Bishop, Katherine Jefferts Schori and Chancellor David Booth Beers to follow the Canons of our Episcopal Church in the depositions of Bishops John Schofield and William Cox. . . .

Further, it goes on to anticipate future enormities of the Presiding Heretic:

We note with alarm that the Presiding Bishop has publically stated her intent to begin, at the September meeting of the House of Bishops, deposition proceedings against Bishop Robert Duncan of the Diocese of Pittsburgh for abandoning the communion before the diocese votes to do so in November. We plead for calm and prayer in the face of temptations to escalate abuses of power in this way. We agree with the Standing Committee of Central Florida and others who insist that depositions are an unnecessary and unfortunate way to deal with disagreement, dissension, and even division within our Church. We believe it also borders on unchristian.

Wow! For an Episcopalian diocese, and a non-Network one at that, to make an in-your-face statement like that is something. It certainly doesn’t reflect well on Schori’s repute in the church.

Methinks Schori overreached in going after two beloved bishops. Her standing has already been taken down a couple notches, and there may be more to come, perhaps even a presentment. I don’t think the Not-So-Great Harlot will be knocked off her oven-mitt colored beast. But she perhaps she will be made even less Great.

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