Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amazing Arrogance

Once again, Presiding Heretic Schori has the chutzpah to write an open letter to an Anglican Archbishop, ++Orombi of Uganda in this case, and object to his daring to come to the U. S. and visit parishes which have already left the Episcopal Church and to which he is invited.

Now ++Venables of the Southern Cone did visit the TEC (for now) Diocese of Ft. Worth. But even there, as Ft. Worth Bishop Iker clearly stated, he was invited and it’s none of her frickin’ business.

Her bizarre brand of geographical fundamentalism makes one wonder if the reason she turned down an invitation from the Pope is she objected to him coming to her Holy Turf.

And, just in case anyone trots out that canard that such visits from overseas bishops violate the ancient practice of the church, Captain Yips has a history lesson for ya.

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