Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Liberal Idiot Hiltz vs. Venables

Once again a liberal Primate is picking a fight with the Primate of the Southern Cone, Gregory Venables. This time it’s the Most Reverend Fred Hiltz of the Anglican Church of Canada. He’s written ++Venables objecting to his visit to churches who have left the ACC and joined the Province of the Southern Cone. And he’s released the letter publicly, of course.

He attacks ++Venables for being divisive, and in so doing breathtakingly overlooks that the ACC “bishop” of New Westminster has been a focus of division and has driven out the churches ++Venables is taking in and will visit.

Again, this is very similar to the letter from the TEC toadies bishops of Brazil. These liberals are like abusive parents that drive children out of the house then complain that a good family takes them in.

Ah, but --Hiltz says there’s no spiritual abuse in the Anglican Church of Canada. Nope, none at all. (Warning: I advise not drinking your coffee in front of your computer while reading the following.)

The Bishops believe that we have made adequate and appropriate provision for the pastoral care and Episcopal support of all members of the Anglican Church of Canada, including those who find themselves in conscientious disagreement with the view of their Bishop and Synod over matters of human sexuality.

Yes, I did have a good laugh this morning when I read that one.

Anyway, no formal reply from ++Gregory is out yet. But he has pointed out the obvious, that these Canadian churches aren’t part of the Anglican Church of Canada anymore. And that therefore he won’t call off the trip.

Nor should he.

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Rev Malachy Egan said...

What has caused such uneasiness and fear within the ranks of the Anglican Church of Canada? What are they afraid of? Why have they replaced Christianity, open commensality, honesty, compassion and charity with Anglicanism, hypocrisy, deceit, avarice and inward looking protectionist policies?

Unless we are privy to the hearts and minds of Primate Hiltz, the House of Bishops and at the very least those priests whose ambition would take them into the upper echelon of ecclesiastical power we can only analyze objectively from outside the Anglican fortress. However, we do have a benchmark against which to compare their actions; He's called Jesus of Nazareth.

Here's one of the primary issues.

Schism. It's like a bad divorce: in this case who gets which cathedral; who holds the purse strings; the investments and who has custody of the Anglican Jesus.

Same Sex Blessings; an internal struggle within the ACC which has forced that church into a full blown schism. The debate is no longer about gay and lesbian people and their rights; it is about power, control, property, ecclesiastical position and the personal lifestyle of the princes and princesses of the church, including Primate Hiltz and Archbishop Ingham. Same Sex Blessings problems are exacerbated by hypocrisy inasmuch that the Anglican Church has always had a predominance of gay [and lately] lesbian priests, albeit that the great majority of them are way in the back of the dark recesses of the proverbial closet; to the point where many continue vainly to attempt to cloak their sexual orientation by adopting the appearances of a heterosexual lifestyle. Why? Why do they continue this pathetic charade? Be who you are, hold your head high and leave judgment to God. Hypocrisy is bad, but the sheer waste of millions [perhaps 20 million] of dollars of charitable [tax exempt] dollars on this issue is worse. The Anglican Church of Canada is misusing money that could put food into empty bellies; provide medicine for sick children; reduce abuse of the weak and marginalized and serve many other worthy causes.