Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict!

I just found out today is the Pope’s 81st birthday.

I hope I annoy liberals as much as he when I’m 81!


REC CHIP said...


I am so happy to be here in the DC area right now. I can literally feel more "holy" with Pope Benedict XVI in the area. He definitely raises the "average morality level" of the Washington area (GRIN!!).

I hope things are going well in Texas. One thing I have decided. Texans should not try to speak Latin. The Vice-Chancellor of Sewanee while I was there (from Houston) made "hoce diplpma" sound like "Hokey diploma." And now President Bush made Pax Tecum (Peace be with you) sound like Packs Tay Come. Yikes!!

BTW, what do you think our founders would think if they knew that one REC member was posting comments about a pope on the Blog of another REC member(GRIN!!)

Mark said...

... And without using "antichrist"! :^O