Monday, April 21, 2008

Palestrina’s Mass for Pentecost

I’ve slowly discovered that I’m quite a fan of the choral composer Palestrina. I didn’t know that a few months ago. But it seems every time I hear something of his, I love it.

The latest example is his Mass for Pentecost as sung by the Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford in the 1990’s. It is excellent. Palestrina particularly knew how to use boys’ voices.

I have it as part of the five CD set European Choral Music 1525-1751 from Nimbus Records. I think it may be also be found as a separate CD here or as mp3 downloads here. But you may find the 5 CD set a better deal if you can find it. (Christ Church sells it in their shop.)

It is definitely nice to have as Pentecost approaches.

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The Underground Pewster said...

I agree, but best heard live, and Palestrina's works are within the capability of many church choirs.