Monday, April 21, 2008

Wow. --Schori is too busy to meet the Pope.

Like Chris Johnson, I’m amazed by this:

On a side-note, among the national Christian leaders invited to the cross-community prayer [with the Pope] was Katharine Jefferts Schori, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal church. Jefferts Schori declined the invite, citing a scheduling conflict; the US branch of Anglicanism will be represented by Bishop Mark Sisk of New York.

First, it is mildly disturbing that --Schori was invited. Surely the Vatican is aware of what a heretic and persecutor of the faithful she is.

But what is more amazing is that she declined to attend and cited a scheduling conflict in so doing. What, pray tell, does the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church do that is more important than meeting with the Pope? Suing the faithful? Approving strange liturgies? Meeting with David Booth Beers on how to better twist the canons? Promoting the UN Millennium Development Goals? Reviewing how many are leaving the Episcopal Church? What???

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REC Chip said...


In fact she was dedicating a building in Utah. (Episcopalians in Utah, yeah, that's right.)

This shows that, as somebody posted on another blog, she thinks buildings are more important than people.

It was amusing to see all of the Christian leaders come up in, what can only be described as reverse order of orthodoxy. First the Eastern Orthodox, then the Lutherans, then the Methodists, then the Presbyterians, then the Baptists, then the Council of Churches folks, then the National Association of Evangelicals president (who are becoming less orthodox on a daily basis), then the UNORDAINED Daughter of Martin Luther King and finally, Bishop Mark Sisk of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

The Holy Father seemed more friendly towards the Muslims the day before than he did towards "Bishop Sisk."