Thursday, April 10, 2008

TEC Clones “Bishops” of Brazil Whine that ++Venables is a Real Bishop

Liberals must have no idea how silly they look. Take the “bishops” of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil – please.

They drove the diocese of Recife out of their province, by among other things, deposing their orthodox bishop. But now they have the gall to complain that the Primate of the Southern Cone Gregory Venables takes them in and actually treats them as a archbishop should.

This is like an abusive parent driving a child out of the house, then complaining that a good family takes the child in. Oi!


Anonymous said...

It really does boggle the mind dunnit?

I didnt know that they had driven the diocese out. I remember some of the back story so i couldnt figure out how the Bishop of Recife was still in office.

But it looks like the people of Recife are just as feisty and orthodox as their bishop!

Good for them and good on Venables.


Anselm Lewis said...

I am just curious when we are going to start pulling ourselves together and start excommunicating the Heretics. This idea which his prevaided our thinking that some how we can come to a common ground is absurd. what middle ground can we come to with Priestesses? they are either of God or not.