Monday, April 07, 2008

Shame on Gordon Brown

I’m beginning to wonder if one has to sign away his conscience before becoming a Labour Party Prime Minister. For I can’t see how anyone with a conscience can welcome the Olympic torch as Gordon Brown did while the host China stomps on the face of freedom in Tibet.

And freedom is getting trampled more than a little under Gulag UK, too. Apparently, wearing the wrong t-shirt is a thought crime against the state:

Yonten Ngama, a Tibet-born care home worker, was asked by police at Wembley to remove a T-shirt that declared: “China Stop the Killing.” Minutes before he was arrested, he said: “It is difficult to protest. China is powerful also in the UK.”

Indeed. Those who deny basic freedoms know no boundaries . . . and have no shame.

By the way, I must salute the protesters in London and Paris. They quite literally snuffed out efforts to ignore Tibet.

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RECCHIP said...

I admire those in Paris and London who did their best to stand up to the "Olympic Torch" Relay. I was grateful to see that in Paris, the torch had to be driven in a bus due to the protesters!!

Since, with the one exception of San Francisco, the "Olympic Torch" will not pass through the US, the only way for people to protest is to partake in "alternate events."

Yesterday afternoon, myself and my father were at the "Human Rights Torch Relay" stop in Washington DC. (I got my picture in a local Chinese language paper!!). There were folks there concerning Chinese Christians, Falun Gong, Tibet, Vietnam, Sudan, Laos, and others. It looked like about 500 folks!!

Remember: The Olympics and Crimes Against Humanity cannot co-exist in China.