Thursday, April 17, 2008

NO May House of Bishops Meeting

This missive begs for reading between the lines:

From: HOB
Date: April 16, 2008
Subject: Possible House of Bishops in Meeting

Dear Bishops,

After receiving a large number of responses to our poll regarding the need for a May meeting of the House, we can confirm from the results that there will not be a meeting in May.

For all who were in attendance at Camp Allen, it may be recalled that there was no clear sense from the House at that time that such a meeting would be necessary. This is the reason the poll was suggested.

We will indeed proceed as planned with the post-Lambeth meeting in September in Salt Lake City, and further details about the specific location and registration will be made available at the end of May or beginning of June.

Again, our thanks to all of you who responded to this poll.

The Rev. Canon C. K. Robertson, PhD
Canon to the Presiding Bishop

Of course, we all know why --Schori wanted a special May HOB meeting – to depose +Duncan and +Schofield before Lambeth. Judging from Canon Robertson’s letter, the response of the bishops was speedy and overwhelming against such a meeting.

Perhaps many bishops are quietly losing their sympathy for Schori’s jihad against the orthodox? At the very least, it seems most don’t want to make any more special accommodations for it.

But I am reading between the lines. And maybe I am engaging in wishful thinking.

That an apparently large majority of the TEC bishops so quickly said “No” to at least this part of Schori’s jihad is interesting nonetheless.

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